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Growing up in a Caribbean household, my skincare regime was simple yet staple – shea or cocoa butter – and admittedly, Vaseline, particularly for the face and lips. So when the Palmer’s team reached out for me to try their newly launched natural vitamin E range, it took my straight back to my childhood (and if you read my blog what I miss about the 90’s you’ll know my childhood means everything to me) so I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Palmer’s Vitamin E Body Care Set features naturally-derived, super strength Vitamin E,  as well as Vitamin E rich ingredients such as apricot oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter” ~ Palmer’s

The range

Their moisturising range includes a Body Lotion, Body Oil and Concentrated Cream, which are all designed to help improve the appearance of dry, damaged or cracked skin, uneven skin tone and sore skin.

The range is said to be fragrance free, but I find it does have a scent to it. While the smell may not be to everyone’s taste, it took me a while to get used to it. This may have something to do with the new oil formula and the fact it is packed with so many natural ingredients such as apricot oil, rich in essential fatty acids to help retain elasticity and suppleness of skin, avocado oil adding extra moisture and coconut oil for hydrated skin.

Palemer’s Moisturizing Body Oil

Goodbye dry, dull skin!

As well as Vitamin E, the new range is also infused with Vitamin C, which is what helps repair dry, uneven and dull skin. The Moisturizing Body Oil has to be my favourite from the new range. I apply it all over my body straight after I’ve showered which gives my skin the ultimate natural dewy glow.

The complete range has something for every part of your body and you can use it or adapt it however you like; whether you’re an oil moisturising person or prefer the traditional solid cocoa butter formula – either way, it means your skin will not have to look uneven or dull ever again. 

You can find Palmer’s Natural Vitamin E products at Superdrug, Boots or Amazon.

Have you tried the Palmer’s Vitamin E range?

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