An alternative way to snacking

With Gloriously Grown.

OK guys, I’ll be honest with you. Your girl likes to snack – particularly at my desk, but generally anywhere. Cake, crisps, sweets, the occasional fruit, you name it.

That’s why I was thrilled when Gloriously Grown got in touch to ask I would be part of their campaign, launching their new and unique range of tasty fruit and nut products, available exclusively in Sainsburys from 14 August 2019.

“Let your tastebuds travel.”

Having tried and tasted the delicious fruit and nut mix in their practical resealable packaging, here are my thoughts on the product:

Alternative way to snack

For a bonafide snacker like myself, this fruit and nut range is the perfect, guilt-free alternative way to snack. Packed with natural goodness exclusively sourced from around the world gives an extraordinary eating experience.

Get to know the range

I was given a hamper with the five variety premium range, each exclusively sourced from across the world and distinctive individual packaged colours to mark the uniqueness of each flavour.


A rich toasted blend of skin-on and blanched Marconi almonds specially selected from Spanish almond groves, harvested and left to dry in the sun. This gives it a richer, more creamier flavour.


I have never seen anything like it and I was keen to try this range. It is described as ‘delicate and buttery’ and it truly is. Found in lush rain forests at the foot of volcanoes in the region of the Philippines, the nuts are harvest by the farmers who climb the trees to pluck the ripe Pili fruits. This much intricate dedication ensures each nut retains its uniquely creamy taste and texture.

FILIPINO Mango, Papaya & Pineapple

My sweet tooth was instantly drawn to this combination and it is by far my favourite. Harvested by hand on the Luzon Island and far stretches of the Philippines, this juicy and sweet blend of fruit gives an exotic burst of flavour.

CALIFORNIAN Red Walnut and Sorbet Raisins

This snack is a real treat with the crunchy texture of the walnut and delightful burst of the sweet plump sorbet raisins. I have to say, this blend truly compliments each other and, not the biggest fan of walnut, I was pleasantly surprised with the combination. I like what you did there Gloriously Grown!

Vietnamese Jumbo Wrapped Cashews

These classic nuts are packed with a delightful twist. Left wrapped in their skins, they are delicately salted before being oven roasted to deliver a deliciously crunchy experience.

Thank you Gloriously Grown for selecting me to try the new range of fruit and nuts!

BONUS: The resealable bags means I don’t eat them all in one go!

Admittedly though, my boyfriend loved them so much he’s finished them all! So I’m off to march him straight to Sainsbury’s to get me – I mean us, some more!

Gloriously Grown is available in Sainsburys from Wednesday 14th August 2019.

What’s your favourite Gloriously Grown range?

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